The _mi__Collection of Glass Flowerpots (since 2017)
The “_mi__” Collection consists of glass flowerpots designed to suit the needs of specific types of indoor plants, in particular orchids, succulents, and cacti. Together, they make up a dominant object for interiors of both modern and traditional homes. The purity of the design, the use of simple shapes, and the limited colour range of these glass flowerpots allow plants to showcase their full natural beauty. At the same time, they become an integral whole. Transparent glass deliberately reveals the secrets of the root systems in soil, something normally hidden to the observer. Overall, the flowerpots create an almost monumental object in space. However, the material used, the amorphous character of the shapes, and the transparency of the pot ensure lightness and delicacy. All the flowerpots are made by hand at Valner Glass using traditional glass shaping techniques that employ a furnace. The designer deliberately chose not to force the molten glass into a mould. Therefore, the glassmakers create each object by hand, giving it a unique shape and colour. Thanks to the manufacturing technology selected, no two items are created identical, making each unique. The flowerpots are manufactured in small-scale series as original interior objects.

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